This workshop will be held as a hybrid format – with a limited number of participants on site and the possibility of a remote online participation.

Our venue - the scenic Monastery Wasem in Ingelheim - and the adjacent hotel worked out a hygiene concept that complies with the current laws and regulations pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic. For our safety the spaces to participate on site are limited. This way, all hygiene regulations can be followed and the workshop can still take place with the planned program.

If you do not feel comfortable on site or travel restrictions do not allow being there face to face, there is the possibility to follow the workshop remotely on an online livestream.


Symbiotic bacteria (yellow/green) in the dorsal organs of a darkling beetle larva (Lagria villosa). The symbionts protect their host‘s eggs by producing antifungal secondary metabolites. ©Rebekka Janke, JGU, iomE, Evolutionary Ecology.