The Evolution of Ageing

16 - 18 Oct

The Evolution of Ageing meeting, as part of the Gutenberg Workshops in Life Sciences, will bring together researchers across the numerous fields of ageing research. From evolutionary theories of ageing, to molecular and genetic pathways involved in the ageing process, to ageing of the whole organism, this workshop will focus on the interdisciplinary nature of ageing research. This workshop aims to help foster lively and engaging discussion surrounding the evolution of ageing.

The event will take place in Ingelheim am Rhein, Germany.

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Confirmed speakers

Peter Baumann - Mainz, Germany
Tracey Chapman - Norwich, UK
João Pedro de Magalhães- Birmingham, UK
Hannah Froy - Edinburgh, UK
David Gems
- London, UK
Carina Kern - London, UK
Judith Korb - Freiburg, Germany
Robert Laird - Alberta, Canada
Jean-François Lemaitre - Lyon, France
Alex Maklakov
- Norwich, UK

Jacob Moorad - Edinburgh, UK
Erin Siracusa - Exeter, UK
Ye Ella Tian - Melbourne, Australia

Scientific organizers:

Margaux Marie-France Brigitte Bieuville - Mainz, Germany
Edward Ivimey-Cook - Glasgow, Scotland
Hanna Kokko - Mainz, Germany
Victor Jean Régis Ronget - Mainz, Germany

Scientific Director of the Gutenberg Workshops in the Life Sciences:

Peter Baumann -  Mainz, Germany