Gutenberg Workshop: Coming of Age - Next Steps in Aging Research

August 10–11, 2022, Mainz

Aging research has in recent years gained deeper insights into molecular mechanisms and is on the verge of profoundly impacting the future of medicine. We would like to kindly invite you to an exchange of ideas and concepts. We will bring together biologists and clinician scientists interested in the topics of genome stability and telomeres, immunity and inflammation, metabolism and mitochondrial biology, stem cell biology and regeneration.

Scientific Organizer:

Christof Niehrs, IMB Mainz, GER

Björn Schumacher, U of Cologne, GER

Scientific Director:

Peter Baumann, JGU Mainz, GER

Event Manager:

Nina Heydt



Thomas Benzing, UM Cologne, GER

Jens Brüning, UM Cologne, GER

Hartmut Geiger, Ulm University, GER

Klaus Lieb, UM Mainz, GER

Brian Luke, JGU Mainz, GER

Helen Morrison, Leibniz Institute on Ageing, GER

Carien Niessen, U of Cologne, GER

Manolis Pasparakis, U of Cologne, GER

Wolfram Ruf, UM Mainz, GER

Elena Rugarli, U of Cologne, GER

Susann Schweiger, JGU Mainz, GER

Oliver Tüscher, UM Mainz, GER

Ari Waisman, JGU Mainz, GER