Evolution of Unisexual Reproduction

11-13 July, 2023

11-13 July, 2023: Gutenberg Workshop on the Evolution of Unisexual Reproduction

Scientific Organizers:

Hanna Kokko, JGU Mainz, GER

Anthony Barley, ASU, USA

Peter Baumann, JGU Mainz, GER

Venue: Wasem Monastery Engelthal, Ingelheim am Rhein, Germany


Confirmed Speakers:

Tuliana Brunes, U of São Paulo, Brazil

George Constable U of York, UK

Susanne Foitzik, JGU Mainz, GER

Matthew Hartfield, U of Edinburgh, UK

Michael Kearney, U of Melbourne, ASTL

Craig Moritz, ANU, ASTL

Manfred Schartl, U of Würzburg, GER

Ingo Schlupp, U of Oklahoma, USA

Isabelle Schön, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, BE

Tanja Schwander, U de Lausanne, CH

Sen Xu, U of Missouri, USA

While the topic of unisexual reproduction has fascinated many of us for a long time, recent advances from diverse systems make this a great time to bring a group of scientists together who have moved the field forward and will enjoy scientific exchange and discussions.  In addition to an emphasis on having diverse systems represented at the workshop, we are also looking forward to the exchange between those focused on experimental and modelling approaches.

Should you require further information at this stage or have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Gutenberg Workshops event manager.