Gutenberg Workshop "RNase H 2024"

16 - 18 Sept


The 17th RNase H meeting, organized as a Gutenberg Workshop in the Life Sciences “RNase H 2024: Structure, Functions and Disorders”, will be in Ingelheim am Rhein, Germany.

This workshop will cover everything about RNases H: substrates, biochemistry, structures, genetics, and diseases involving RNases H. This meeting has been held every two years since 1990 (except for 2020, due to COVID), with Japan, USA, Canada, Scotland, France, and Poland hosting. Many of the major discoveries on RNases H, composition, structures, substrates and functions, were first reported at one of these meetings. Studies presented at these meetings used model organisms, including prokaryotes, fungi, plants, viruses, animals and humans, establishing abundant properties and roles for RNases H.

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For more details please visit 4R-RTG.


Confirmed speakers

Petra Beli -Mainz, Germany
Alex Bishop - San Antonio, USA
Andrei Chabes - Umeå, Sweden
Frédéric Chédin - Davis, USA
Aziz El Hage - Edinburgh, UK
Natalia Gromak - Oxford, UK
Pablo Huertas - Seville, Spain
Andrei Kuzminov - Urbana, USA
Houra Merrikh - Nashville, USA
Marcin Nowotny - Warsaw, Poland
Philippe Pasero - Montpellier, France
Paulina Wanrooij - Umeå, Sweden
Jessica Williams - Durham, USA

Scientific organizers:

Andrew Jackson - Edinburgh, UK
Martin Reijns - Edinburgh, UK
Brian Luke -JGU Mainz, Germany
Robert Crouch - USA   
Susanna Cerritelli - USA

Scientific Director of the Gutenberg Workshops in the Life Sciences:

Peter Baumann - JGU Mainz, Germany