Gutenberg Workshop: The Rise and Fall of Mutualisms - Ecological and Evolutionary Dynamics of Host-Microbe Symbioses

October 13–15, 2021, Mainz

Mutualisms are ubiquitous in nature and shape the ecology and evolution of all living organisms on the planet, from microbes to plants and animals. As such, mutually beneficial interactions are subject to intensive research efforts, and important facets from the molecular level to the processes governing the assembly of interacting communities are currently being elucidated.

The Gutenberg Workshop onThe Rise and Fall of Mutualisms will bring together leading scientists in this field to discuss recent developments on the factors stabilizing cooperation in mutualisms, the molecular underpinnings of the partners’ interactions, the determinants of host colonization and microbial community assembly, and the impact of mutualistic associations on the ecology and evolution of the interacting partners.



Scientific Organizer: Prof. Dr. Martin Kaltenpoth

Scientific Director: Prof. Dr. Peter Baumann

Event Manager: Dr. Sacha Heerschop