Workshop Program | Rise and Fall of Mutalisms

Please notice that the time refers to CEST.


Wednesday 13th October

18:00 Dinner
19:00 Martin Kaltenpoth and Peter Baumann - Welcome address
19:15 Christian Kost - Rise and fall of mutualistic cooperation within microbial communities
20:00 Get together

Thursday 14th October

09:00 Takema Fukatsu - Experimental evolution of insect-Escherichia coli mutualism (online)
09:45 Annika Guse - Adapting to the Environment by symbiosis – a model systems` approach
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Ruben Garrido-Oter - Conserved features and reciprocal complementation of the Chlamydomonas and Arabidopsis microbiota
11:45 Shraddha Shitut - Evolution of chromosomal coexistence: a study in wall-deficient cells
12:00 Lunch break
13:00 Poster session with coffee (even numbers)
14:00 Maria Harrison - Reprogramming root cells for symbiosis with AM fungi (online)
14:45 Megan Sørensen - Identifying a new marine endosymbiosis: the origin and function of the photosynthesising bodies in Meringosphaera
15:00 Davide Sassera - Ongoing replacement or collaboration? Genomics of the two symbionts of Hyalomma marginatum provides clues on the evolution of mutualism in ticks
15:30 Wine hike
17:15 Kayla King - Microbial protection against infection: an experimental evolution approach (online)
18:00 Dinner
19:00 Poster Session with wine/beer (uneven numbers)
20:00 Get together

Friday 15th October

09:00 Sara Mitri - Evolving mutualistic bacterial communities
09:45 Andreas Brune - Endomicrobia – intracellular symbionts of termite gut flagellates or energy parasites?
10:00 Rosario Gil - Unraveling the crosstalk between the endosymbiont Blattabacterium and the gut microbiota in the German cockroach
10:15 Elizabeth Hambleton - Molecular processes across marine animal-algal photosymbioses
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Ned Ruby - Evidence of genomic diversification in a symbiotic population within its host
11:45 Johannes Zimmermann - The role of chitin in the formation of a distinct microbial succession pattern in the model cnidarian Nematostella
12:00 Lunch break and leisure time
14:00 Anna Zaidman-Rémy - How to get what you need from your partner: the active dialogue of bacteria with the insect host in a nutritional mutualistic endosymbiosis
14:15 Meet the editor session: Ursula Hofer, Nature Reviews Microbiology, and Emily White, Nature Microbiology
14:45 Katharina Ribbeck - Partners in Slime: How Mucus Regulates Microbial Virulence (online)
15:30 Coffee break
16:15 Gordon Bennett - Evolutionary strategies for maintaining symbioses between plant-sap feeding insects (Hemiptera) and their bacterial symbionts (online)
17:00 Nicole Dubilier - The Art of Harnessing Dark Energy: Symbioses between Chemosynthetic Bacteria and Marine Invertebrates
18:00 Dinner
19:00 Mutualism pub quiz
20:00 Get together